10 Easy Tips for Men to Instantly Look Better

10 Easy Tips for Men to Instantly Look Better

You want to appear more awesome instantly so follow some easy tricks. Here are 10 easy tips for men to look better instantly.

Smile Trick

This is the most important trick that makes you look more handsome automatically. Whenever you are smiling try to press your tongue on the back of your teeth because it makes you look clean, simple and amazing.

Whiten Your Teeth

The second tip is whitening your teeth. Nobody cares how many teeth you have but if those are white then it can look better. For looking instantly better you should whiten your teeth.

Keep Your Lips Kissably Soft

Next tip is about your lips. Rough lips look not shine. You need to make your lips kissably soft for looking more handsome. For making your lips soft you can use Vaseline on it. So simply you can make your lips soft.

Don’t Have Nasty Cuticles

Then you need to take care of your fingertips and nails. If your fingertips are dry and rough so you have nasty cuticles on it. But you can make your fingertips so smooth by using Vaseline. So always clean your nails and keep your fingertips smooth for looking better.

Add Volume to Your Luscious Locks

Next, you can add a little volume to your luscious locks. It is so easy to make your hair more amazing better, you can always blow dry your hair upside down against the grain or use a pre-style like Pete and Pedro salt.

Keep Your Hair from being Crunchy, Hard, or Gnarly

And you can do something more to make your hair sexy. Always keep your hair from being crunchy, hard, or gnarly. Also, you can use Pete and Pedro Putty or Clay to keep your hair sexy. If you follow these tricks then your hair will look so amazing and better.

Mirror the Body Language with Whom You Are Communicating

This is so special trick to make you instantly better. This is about mirroring the body language with the person you are actually communicating. Researches have shown that people like people more if they have similar body language. If somebody is talking to you and touching their face so casually you can touch your face, if they keep hands close to their body you can do the same. If you use this trick the people with whom you are speaking automatically or subconsciously think you super handsome.

Moisturize Your Face

Seriously moisturizing your face is the easiest way you can do to look better instantly. So always use the moisturising cream in your face for looking good quickly.

Don’t Use Overpowering Fragrances or Body Sprays

Always you can carry good smell but don’t use overpowering fragrances or body sprays. If you are using Cologne or Eau de Toilette then take only 2 to 4 squirts. This tip also can help you to look more attractive.

Maintain Boundaries for Your Beard

Last important tip is about your beard. Always you need to maintain boundaries for your beard to instantly look better. You should avoid neckbeard and cheek hair for good looking.