4 Keys To Achieve Success

4 Keys To Achieve Success

Do you want to be more successful, richer and more productive then you should follow the four major key points. When we, the maximum people sleep in our bed till 9 to 10 am at the same time the world-class leaders, billionaire businessman, and famous personality wake up early in the morning at 5 am and drastically improves their mind, heart, soul and health. There are four effective principles and keys to achieve success. And really if you want to become successful then you need to follow those principles.

Use 20/20/20 Formula

At first, you have to know after waking up early in the morning what to do next. So you need to follow a special routine from 5 am to 6 am, this hour is called Victory Hour. Firstly you will divide this victory hour into three parts.
The first part should be at 5:00 am to 5:20 am. In the first part, you have to move or exercise. Preferably you can do high-intensity exercise. Because whenever you start your exercise just after waking up your energy and focus will be increased highly. According to science, it happens because during your exercise a chemical gets release in your brain that is BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor). Scientific research proves it that this chemical reduces stress level and accelerates neuro connection process in our brain, through these your focus and thinking power improves very much. So you can make new neuro connection in your brain in this first part.
Second part means 5:20 am to 5:40 am. In this time you should reflect, you need to analyse yourself and your daily actions. This time you can journal it means you can write your goals and daily actions in a notebook along with you can meditate and planning. Through these activities, you can get much clarity in your life.
Third twenty minutes from 5:40 am to 6:00 am. In this time you have to grow, it means you have to gain knowledge in your field. This time you can read knowledgable books, an autobiography of a wise man and also you can listen to knowledgable audiobook summaries.
If you follow this formula really you can understand yourself very much and analyse your goal perfectly.

Twin Cycle of Elite Performer

There are twin cycles of Elite performers. But maximum people are listening from their childhood that they should work more and more hours for accomplishing more things. If actually, you see the top performers then you can find they have a balanced time for work and rest. Maximum people think rest is not a part of growth, whenever they take rest they feel guilt. But it is not right. You should not work all the time, you should take rest also for working all day in a proper way. So you should give importance to your sleep. And you have to follow a special routine before your sleeping time. Almost one hour before of your sleep, you have to switch off your all electronic devices like mobile, laptop and television. Because these things affect your sleep if you use these just before your sleeping time. At that time you can talk to your family members or you can read books, then obviously you should go to your bed.

The Four Interior Empires

This principle says that if you want to be fulfilled and truly happy then you have to be good in four important things. And you need to distribute your time according to this. These four interior empires are Mindset, Heart set, Health set and Soul set. In this time most of the motivational speaker says strategies for improving your mindset. But mind related improvement gives you only 25% happiness. You can’t be truly happy if you only improve your mindset, along with you have to improve your heart set. You should improve your emotional life. So give some time to your family, friends and maintain a good relationship with them. Then you have to follow your health set. If your health is not good then all things are useless in your life. Firstly you should maintain good health through exercise. You can not accomplish your goal if your health is not good. So daily give some time for caring your health. The last important factor is soul set. You are incomplete without this. In this busy life, everybody just focuses on getting materialistic things. Every morning you should improve spiritualism through meditation, prayer in totally silence atmosphere. So everyday make some time for only yourself and improve your soul set.

Habit Installation Protocol

If you want to convert any activity to a habit then you need 66 days almost nine weeks. For setting a habit in your mind you need to follow three stages. Stage one is destruction phase, in the first three weeks you should try to cut off old habits and implement new habits. This is the most difficult stage. If you want to overcome this stage very well then use your will power and motivate yourself. Stage two is installation phase, this stage is also for three weeks. In this stage you feel more frustrated and want to quit. But you have to continue this stage. And the last stage is integration phase. In these last three weeks, you will feel so easy to set your new habit. When you will complete 66 days in proper way then you can feel everything so easy. After completing those stages you don’t need any will power for waking up early in the morning. So if you will complete this process then really you can get the benefits of waking up at 5 am.