5 High Salary JOBS In INDIA Without Any College Degree

5 High Salary JOBS In INDIA Without Any College Degree

Earn lots of rupees per month without any college degree. Yes after reading this article you will get to know about the 5 high salary job in India that required no college degree. Getting a good job that pays a handsome amount of money in India is not so easy, so I hope this article will help you to get a good job and give you a comfortable career.

Five high salary jobs in India without any college degree are,


Photography is the job where one can earn Rs 10000 to 20000 within one hour. But five years ago this was not possible to earn so much many in this field. Now Photography is the most required job in India. If you want to earn so much money in the field, firstly you have to be a very skilled photographer. For improving the job of photography you need mostly two skills. If you want to be a skilled photographer then firstly you have to learn the main rules of the photograph. Because there are some rules for creating an awesome photograph. You can also learn theoretically. You can learn photography through reading. Secondly, you have to practice so much. If you practice so much you can improve better yourself in this field. And there are also some who has inborn talent of photography. So if you have such talent you can work and improve on it better. The most important thing is practice. In 2019 photography is become a demanding field for the social media industry and wedding industry. So you will become a skilled freelance photographer you can earn easily 50000 within one month.


Graphic design is also the most required job like Photography. There is so much requirement of a graphic designer in the social media industry, add industry and magazine industry. If your imagination power is so good, if you can think and create a new design, if you are the best artist then the graphic design may your dream career. For improving in this filed, firstly you have to learn digital art. You can learn photoshop very well. If you can draw better, if you are interested in painting then you can also take this career option. To become an expert in this field you can learn technical skills. If you are interested in graphic design you can take a course on it. You can learn the most required skills for becoming a graphic designer on the internet. There is skillshare website from where you can learn very well. There are more than 25000 online courses in skillshare.com and the fee of this site is not so much, so you can take a course on this site. So like photography, if you want to earn so much money from the graphic design you have to learn and practice.


Digital marketing or marketing on the internet is the field where you can start your own business on the internet. This is a safe job option. You can earn unlimited money from digital marketing. If you want to start a career in this field firstly you need communication skill and a sharp brain. And of course, you need knowledge about marketing. If you have these above skills you can start your own online business. This is digital marketing so you need some knowledge about the internet, social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. Because you can spread your business in those social media platform and earn so much money. Then you can learn about S.E.O skill that is Search Engine Optimization. Through this skill, you can increase the visibility of your business site on the internet. So you should learn this for digital marketing. If you are interested in this field so firstly you have to learn those skills for improving your digital marketing. Then you can earn 50,000 Rs or crore from this job.


Video creation is the most skilled profession. So if you want to earn so much money from this job you have to learn many skills. Video creation is the most required skill for being a professional YouTuber.And there are also many business companies who may hire you for creating a video for advertisement. If you want to take a career in this field you need to learn video making, video editing, camera work and something about marketing. You can also learn the skills of video creation from skillshare. And of course, for being the best youtuber you must learn video creation. If you want to start a career in video production so you can do it and earn huge amount of money.


Among those four career options, this is the toughest option. Because if you want to take a career in this field you must need more talents and more skills. But you can earn a large amount of money from this startup career. You can be a millionaire from this job. But you have to do your work safely in this field. Firstly you need to learn marketing skills, business skills and operation skills. Basically, you have to learn the skills to start up. This is the toughest career option but if you want to be a millionaire or billionaire then you can take this job option. The members of the startup are also the owner of this as the founder. If you can’t start your own startup so you can be a member of startup and earn so much money. This is the best career option for making a huge amount of money.