8 People Who Became Famous Overnight Because of Social Media

8 People Who Became Famous Overnight Because of Social Media

Nowadays social media is the most popular platform of interest. There are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok etc. Many common people are being famous in these sites instantly. Social media is the easiest way to being popular and earning money to those interested people. We got many common People Who Became Famous Overnight Because of Social Media.

1-Pooja Jain:

She is also known as Dhinchak Pooja. She doesn’t need any definition. She became famous overnight through social media with her “Dhinchak Songs” mainly ‘Selfie Maine Leli Aaj’. She is a YouTuber, a pop singer and an ex-Bigg Boss contestant. She makes Cringe Pop songs which are a type of pop song that is so bad that people cannot stop watching them. Actually, people make her popular just because of her humorous songs.

2-Deepika Deeghose:

She is known as RCB fangirl. Unintentionally she got viral recently after cameraman shows her cheering for her favourite IPL team ‘RCB’. She gains 220k+Instagram followers in 24 hours. After all, the internet is going crazy over the girl and she became popular.

3-Arshad Khan:

Arshad Khan is known as blue-eyed ‘Pakistani Chaiwala’. He is a Pakistani model. Before becoming a model he was a tea seller. One Pic of this handsome hunk making tea made him famous. The latest picture of his handsome look becomes popular overnight through social media and he won a modelling contract. Now he got huge fan following and girls swooned over his looks.

4-Priya Prakash Varrier:

She is an Indian actress and a model. Her awesome expression and her wink spread faster than fire. This was a deadly combination, a schoolgirl and her expressive face. She has a vast fan following. People found her too cute and declared her as the “National Crush”.

5-Saima Hussain Mir:

She got famous due to King Khan. Unintentionally she became popular into social sites. She is a Kashmiri girl. Well, she took a group selfie at Symbiosis Institute of Design. And then the pic spread like fire on the internet. After becoming famous on the internet she gains huge fan followers and many proposals.

6-Lee Minwei:

He is a security officer at Changi Airport. Someone randomly clicked his picture and made it viral. That picture gained instant popularity on the internet for his boyish good looks and a pleasant smile. Girls went so crazy for his looks and start dreaming of having a boyfriend like him.

7-Kusum Shrestha:

She is a common Nepali college girl who sells vegetables for helping her parents. She became very popular as soon as her pics surfaced online. She belongs to a farming family. Firstly her two pics got viral on the internet, in that photograph she sells vegetables. After being viral of her pics she received much praise for her cute looks. Many termed her as “Natural Beauty”.


He is known as the sexiest doctor. His real name is Mikhail Varshavski. He is a Russian-American doctor and he has also a Youtube channel. Continuously his pictures are being popular into social sites. He has around 2.6 million followers and is killing them all with his dashing personality. Girls are dying to get treatment from such a doctor.