Five Easy Daily Tips to Look More Handsome

Five Easy Daily Tips to Look More Handsome

Everybody wants to look more handsome, more beautiful. If you want the same thing then you have to follow some special daily habits. Many people think that only products can make them handsome. But if you follow some easy tips then also you can make yourself more handsome without any products.


This is the first tip you need to do it every day to look more handsome. Do you know which is the most important thing for your healthy body, healthy skin and healthy hair, that is Oxygen. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word, in which ‘prana’ means life force or breath and ‘ayama’ means exercise. Basically, you need to exercise with your breath. If you continue this breathing exercise every day then it will increase the oxygen level in your blood, and you can get a handsome look. There are some basic rules for doing Pranayama.
>You have to do Pranayama without eating any food.
>If possible then you will try to do this in the early morning.
>Then you need to keep your back straight during Pranayama. But if you feel pain in your back in this time then you can do it with back support.
>During Pranayama you should keep your focus on your breathing.
>During inhalation you can hold your breath for 10 seconds and then release your breath for the same time. You can hold and release your breath for a minimum of 10 seconds to a maximum of 20 seconds.

Smell and Class

Smell and Class are very very important to maintain a handsome look. Always you should carry a good smell. For smelling good you can use Perfume, Deodorant and Talcum Powder because these products emit your body odour. So always try to maintain a good smell.
Another important thing is looking classy. If you want to look classy then you can follow some basic rules. You shouldn’t look like a child. So firstly avoid childish factors like wearing colourful clothes. If you wear colourful clothes like Red, Pink, Bright Blue and Orange then you should select a black pant with those. Mostly you can wear basic manly colour clothes like Black, Navy Blue, Grey, Brown and Olive Green. Then you can take care of your beard. If your beard is thicker then let it grow and maintain it with beard products. But if you have a patchy beard then you have to maintain a clean-shaven look that will give you confidence.

Good Quality Sleep

Sleep is another key factor for being handsome. You should give importance to your sleep. Because sleep oxygenates your body like Pranayama. If you sleep for 6 to 7 hours in a day so it has to be a high quality sleep. If you want to maintain a healthy sleep quality then every day you can some follow rules.
>First thing is that you should sleep in a totally dark room.
>Secondly you should sleep in a silent environment.
>Thirdly you can avoid eating anything before 3 to 4 hours of your sleep. But if you feel hungry at that time then you can take a spoon of clarified butter.
>Last most important thing is that you should not use mobile before 1hour of your sleeping time.

Standing straight and Smiling

Always try to stand up straight and keep your smile. Because these two sign makes you more good-looking. Whenever you feel sad you make sad expression then it seems that you are less confident. But if you want to look handsome and confident then in every situation you should keep your back straight and make a positive body language.
Smile is very important for you. A smile can improve your mood and increase positive thoughts. If you make your mood rough it seems very unpleasant. So really if you want to make yourself more handsome then always try to maintain a positive look with your smile.

Healthy Foods

Healthy foods are most important for looking handsome and staying fit. Every day you need some protein, pro-biotic foods and vegetables in your meal for healthy skin and healthy hair. Protein is very essential for your body. If you are non-vegetarian then you can eat Chicken, Fish or Egg. But if you are vegetarian you can take Daal, Paneer, Soya Chaap, Milk and Nuts in your meal.
Next thing is Probiotics, which are the beneficial bacteria in your body. Basically, this bacteria helps you to look more healthy. So there are some probiotic foods which help those bacteria. You can eat some probiotic foods like Curd, Lassi, and Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother).
Last important tip is you should eat vegetables every day in your meal. Because vegetables are the only thing from which you can get more and more nutrients. So for being handsome, you should eat these healthy foods.