Top 6 Fashion Tips Skinny Guys Must Follow

Top 6 Fashion Tips Skinny Guys Must Follow

Are you feeling less confident for your skinny body? If yes then firstly you need to build up your confidence. And for looking confident and handsome you have to improve your fashion sense. Here are some top fashion tips for a skinny guy to look more stylish. If you are thin then you can follow these tips for looking better.

Long Sleeve T-Shirts

If you are thin then long sleeve t-shirt will be your best friend. Basically, thin guys are so much conscious about their thin arms. So you can try this long sleeve t-shirt for looking better. But when you are wearing a long sleeve t-shirt then you can pull your sleeves up slightly. Because this trick helps you to look cooler. So always try to do this.

Jackets and Layering

The second tip is Jackets and layering, basically layering means you wear one cloth and on it, you wear another cloth. Layering makes you look bulkier, so you can use this trick. For layering, you can wear Jackets, Suits and you can wear a shirt over a t-shirt. You should wear those jackets or suits which are made from thick materials. If you wear the clothes of bulkier material then it makes you look bulkier.

Horizontal Elements

If you are thin then you should follow this trick. For looking more stylish and bulkier you need to wear horizontal stripes. Because vertical element makes you look skinnier if you are already thin. So you should avoid all vertical elements from your outfits. If you want to build horizontal elements in your outfit then you can wear Round Neck t-shirts and Polo t-shirts. Or if you wear shirts so you can use collar stay on your shirts for keeping your collar standing, because this trick also builds a horizontal element. And obviously, you should not wear flat collar t-shirts.

Slim Fit Bottom Wear

Skinny guys should not wear skinny pants. Because skinny fit pants hug your body that makes you look skinnier. So you can wear slim fit jeans. Slim fit jeans fit your body and look stylish. And you should not wear loose box fit pants. But if you wear formal pants so you should wear slim fit formal pants. You can take regular slim fit formal trousers. Or if possible then you can wear chinos for looking better. And you can only wear shorts if you have good calf muscle. But you can take chino shorts. So always try to wear slim fit bottom wear like slim jeans, chinos and joggers.


Accessories are the main things which enhance your style with your outfit. If you are thin so always you should choose slim accessories for you. Because big accessories for the skinny body can be a huge fashion mistake. So you can use basic slim accessories like a slim watch, slim glass, slim belts and shoes. This slim accessory with slim outfit gives you a classy look.


The last most important thing is that self-confidence. You can improve your fashion sense but along with you have to build your self-confidence. So you should love yourself, keep your smile and improve your communication skill. Self-confidence can give you a classy personality so always try to maintain this.